Toy Saxophone – This saxy toy has a simple pitch mod and a few contact points for play-ability and a ton of campy samples. The variety of riffs and musical sounds really make this a playable and diverse musical instrument. Its not noisey and it’s very reliable.

Casio RAPMAN Demo – After a few years in storage I was able to get this machine back up and glitching. Endless streams of sonic wandering tumbleweeds and tumultuous avalanches. It’s melodic and chaotic.

CBBS-10 (cars) – SOLD

CBBS-10 (cars) features:

– 2  Bending Contacts

– Pitch Knob

– Built-In Speaker

– Reset Button

– 1/8″ Output

CBBS-10 (rhymes) – SOLD

CBBS-10 features:

– Double Brass Bending Contacts

– Pitch Knob

– Built-In Speaker

– 1/8″ Output

Tiffany’s Box – SOLD

Tiffany's Box

Tiffany’s Box features:

– 2 Brass Bending Contacts

– Pitch Knob

– Built-In Speaker

– Signal Flow LED

– On/Off Toggle Switch

– 1/4″ Output


CBK37 GLITCH features:

– Glitch Knob with On/Off Switch

– 2 Brass Bending Contacts

– Pitch Knob

– Fine Tune Knob

– Up Switch

– 1/4″ Output


CBK37 FLIP features: 2 Bend Switches – Adjust Knob – Pitch Knob – Glitch Knob – Flip Switch – 1/4″ Output

CBK37 – $65

2 Bend Switches – Pitch Knob – 2 Brass Bending Contacts – Reset Button – 1/4″ Output  – speaker cutoff switch


Left/Right Bends Knob – Pitch Knob – Down Switch -Reset Button – 1/4  Output

Sugar Daddy Noise Box

one of a kind musical instrument

The Sugar Daddy Noise Box is a one of a kind-circuit bent musical instrument.

Features & Modifications:

A) Pitch Knob – controls the pitch of the instrument… from very slow to hyper fast speeds…

B)Trigger Wand – Press this button to access a variety of circuit samples

C) Trigger Button – Plays a dedicated circuit sample

D) Two Body Contacts – allows the player to create vibrato and phasing effects…
experimentation will reveal another sonic level within the instrument…

E) Output – unbalanced 1/8” output… connect it to an amp, di box, mixer, stereo…

F) Signal LED – a red light illuminates each time a signal comes out of the speaker
…the higher the pitch the brighter it glows…

G) Reset Button – Whenever the instrument crashes, use this button to reset the circuit.